The following information is provided to us by Jason Hanson, a former CIA Operative on the recent attempted hacking of a water treatment plant in Florida. This information is NOT what you are hearing from the media and the government and there is a reason for it. Please not just read, but heed Jason’s advice. Information on how to get more information directly from Jason is provided at the end of this report.

You probably heard that a water treatment plant in Florida got hacked…
The hacker changed the levels of sodium hydroxide in the water.
None of the water reached the public and nobody was harmed.

Now, most people think that we stopped an attack, all is well, and the facility caught the hack just in time.
But, here’s what is the much more likely scenario…

This is what is called in the intelligence business as “probing.”

Since poisoning a water supply is a great way to bring down a nation, you start with just one single treatment plant as a test.
You hack in there and purposely leave a trail so the place knows they got hacked.
Because your goal isn’t the hack itself, it’s to see how they react after the hack and what security measures they have in place.

So, right now, the hackers are watching what the plant is doing and they’re seeing the systems the plant has in place so they can get around these systems in the future.

And the systems this plant has in place are likely the same systems that most water treatment plants have around the country.

So, while the public is celebrating that the hackers got caught…

The hackers are probably laughing because their plan is working and they are figuring out the true way to poison water treatment plants in the future.
Bottom line, I know I keep beating a dead horse about this…
But, you’re crazy in today’s climate if you don’t have a significant supply of water at home and plenty of water filters.
It can be the 55-gallon drums or cases of water from Costco or whatever works for you.
Just make sure you have a 30-day supply of fresh water and then ways to purify water for at least one year.
This Escape Bag Blueprint book covers all the various water filters and systems I use and is a must have if you want to ensure fresh water at all times for your family.
Stay safe,
Jason Hanson Former CIA Officer
Editor, Spy & Survival Briefing
Editor, Black Bag Confidential


To learn more about how to receive information from Jason directly, go to:

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