The following information is provided to us by Jason Hanson, a former CIA Operative on the recent attempted hacking of a water treatment plant in Florida. This information is NOT what you are hearing from the media and the government and there is a reason for it. Please not just read, but heed Jason’s advice.Continue reading “PROBING ATTACK by TERRORIST GROUP”

DRONE ON… The Threat Beyond

Facing a world of constant change, continuing threats, and ever moving events among actors of terror, the United States needs, more than ever, a steady hand at the helm of state. Whether such a hand is possible under Joe Biden, whose mental capacities are shaky at best, is doubtful. His presumed VP is inexperienced, atContinue reading “DRONE ON… The Threat Beyond”

What Does It Take?

What does it take to be a father? A dad? (A note at the beginning: I am not posing the question here for those biological fathers with no desire for anything are more.) This is for those who have a deep down desire to be the best dad they can be or to be theContinue reading “What Does It Take?”