VOYAGE of the Starship Genesis two-seven

THE FINAL FLIGHT Passenger Log / Star Date A week before Christmas 2022 Worry not dear readers, I am not announcing boarding for my final flight nor have I been given the date and time and what launch pad to report to for that flight! This is a reflection on that flight and how inContinue reading “VOYAGE of the Starship Genesis two-seven”

VOYAGE of the Starship GENESIS two-seven

Passenger Log Star date 27 November 2022 NOT ALONE Greetings fellow travelers…    I believe that was a line from an opening of The Night Gallery with Rod Serling many ‘moons’’ ago (Pun intended!) We will get back to the story behind that photo for the Genesis 2:7 Voyage. First though it is time to celebrateContinue reading “VOYAGE of the Starship GENESIS two-seven”


THE ROAD and the UPDATE PASSENGER’s LOG Stardate 9 AUB 2022 THE UPDATE It has been quite awhile since there has been any real update from the decks of the Starship. It has been a busy group of months and much activity has gone unreported. Here is where we will report a couple of thoseContinue reading “VOYAGE of the STARSHIP GENESIS two-seven”


DEPTHS If I go to the depths of the sea, behold you are there…. The psalmist was declaring the omnipresence of God. In other verses of the 139th Psalm the writer explains how no matter where he is or how he might try to hide, God is there. He explained his own understanding that evenContinue reading “VOYAGE of the STARSHIP GENESIS Two-Seven”


DOCS GALORE Passenger’s Log Stardate 7 Apr 22 The ‘Lander’ craft of the Starship Genesis two-seven is shown in the photo here to help relate the story of God’s goodness over these past weeks. Ofev, the drug of choice to battle the onward push of the IPF disease in my lungs has been elusive. First,Continue reading “VOYAGE of the STARSHIP GENESIS two-seven”


The Passenger Log Stardate 27 January 2022 Walk On It is not often one is able to celebrate an un-birthday… well, I suppose 364 days a year one could but… that may be a bit too ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for most. Yet, today, I shall choose to celebrate my half birthday plus one month. MyContinue reading “VOYAGE of the STARSHIP GENESIS two seven”

VOYAGE of the Starship Genesis two seven

A NEW DAWN THE PASSENGER’S LOG                                   Stardate 31 December 2021 And so it comes, a new day, a new dawn. But this new dawn is a bit different than most. When it comes, in just about 21 hours from this moment as I write, not only does a new day dawn but a newContinue reading “VOYAGE of the Starship Genesis two seven”

VOYAGE of the Starship GENESIS Two Seven

The Passenger’s Log Stardate 13 Dec 2021 Diverted to Cleveland Thank you for taking the time to read ‘The Passenger’s Log’ for this date. Today is the long awaited results from Dr. N’s office on the progress – progress either that I am making or that the disease is making. I thought about naming it,Continue reading “VOYAGE of the Starship GENESIS Two Seven”

Voyage of the Starship Genesis Two-Seven

The Passenger Log 6 Dec 2021 AUDIENCE with the QUEEN The Passenger was notified this past week that on Saturday 4 December he was requested to present himself before the Queen of the Dalton Holiday Festival. Inasmuch as the Queen also happens to be The Passenger’s granddaughter and a co-traveler on her own journey, itContinue reading “Voyage of the Starship Genesis Two-Seven”

Voyage of the Starship Genesis Two-Seven

PACalendar!       This is the voyage of the Starship Genesis two-seven, it’s mission duration known only to the Captain. The following is a continuation of The Passenger’s log as he chronicles the voyage which will bring him eventually to his heavenly home. The purpose here is to share what The Passenger learns and to chronicleContinue reading “Voyage of the Starship Genesis Two-Seven”