Voyage Through the Meteorite

Field of Flu-Funk 21 Voyages of the Starship Genesis 2:7 The Passenger’s Log Stardate 18 Oct – 22 Oct 2021 “…And He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life…” Genesis 2:7 The Starship Genesis two-seven took an unscheduled stop hovering over 1700 California on Monday evening 18 October. What initially appeared as either aContinue reading Voyage Through the Meteorite

VOYAGE of the STARSHIP Genesis 2:7

Passenger Log Stardate 5 October 2021 MISSION: Wandering Minds Crazy Eyes It has been some weeks since The Passenger has written in the logbook of the Voyage of Starship Genesis 2:7. It has been a time of getting used to wearing oxygen at night and hopefully… maybe… sleeping a little better because of it. ItContinue reading “VOYAGE of the STARSHIP Genesis 2:7”


The Passenger’s Log Stardate 25 August 2021 A New Day The title of this Log is vastly different than it would have been had I written it ten or twelve hours ago. It is just about 0530hrs, the Starship GENESIS two-seven has been ‘moored’ (if you can moor things in space!) above Rocky Fork, aContinue reading “VOYAGE of the STARSHIP GENESIS two-seven”

More On Musings (or is it Moron Musings?)

I was sitting by the pond doing a little fishing…And I was thinking about this old cowboy’s blog that I listen to from time to time… hold on a minute I got a fish …OK I’m back I don’t know how it happened that fish found a way to get away …he’s a good fighterContinue reading “More On Musings (or is it Moron Musings?)”

Voyage of the Starship GENESIS two-seven

The Passenger Log Stardate 16 August 2021 Another’s Voyage Ends One thing I have learned as I have been on this voyage is that there many others on journeys of their own. You may remember our friend L who completed her voyage a month or so ago. Her earthly birthday was just this week. OurContinue reading “Voyage of the Starship GENESIS two-seven”

VOYAGE of the STARSHIP Genesis two seven

Passenger’s Log Stardate 10 August 2021 MISSION: OPERATION PERSEVERANCE After several days docked at Rocky Fork Ranch, a few with some of the grandchildren with whom I would normally be while their Momma is at work and then a few days to myself, I am relaxed and refreshed. Alone in the countryside setting of RockyContinue reading “VOYAGE of the STARSHIP Genesis two seven”

Voyage of the Starship GENESIS two-seven

THE PASSENGER’s LOG Stardate 26 July 2021 There was fear and trepidation among some who connect with me regularly by cellphone that I had gone MIA – missing in action!  Allow me to clue in my crew and shipmates that today and the next couple, (and over the next couple of weeks, intermittently), I mayContinue reading “Voyage of the Starship GENESIS two-seven”

Voyage of the Starship Genesis two-seven

The Passenger’s LogStardate 25 July 2021MISSION: O-2An inter-stellar light-warp speed spacecraft bolts across the vast areas of space retrofitted to carry a massive tank of Oxygen in a way similar to how the old space shuttles were piggybacked across the US in the last decade of the 20th Century aboard 747’s. The Captain’s aide whoContinue reading “Voyage of the Starship Genesis two-seven”


AN UPDATE from the COMMAND CENTER THE PASSENGER’s LOG 2 July 2021 Two important updates from the Command Center of the Starship Genesis two seven: First we want to share our deepest and most sincere sympathies to the family of another Passenger who was also part of our crew mates. L completed her voyage thisContinue reading “VOYAGE of the STARSHIP GENESIS two seven”