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Starship Voyager GENESIS two-seven

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Passenger Log

The Voyages – Alpha 3 April 2021
Voyage Continues10 April 2021
Science Report14 April 2021
Passengers Log Date 21 April 2121 April 2021
Rearming Log Date 25 April 2125 April 2021
The Voyage: The Heart of the Matter29 April 2021
Ship’s Doctor’s Report 5 May 2021
The Road Never Before Traveled 15 May 2021
Delays 30 May 2021
Fresh Air12 June 2021
Linda 14 June 2021
The Passenger’s Log30 June 2021
Updates from the Command Center 2 July 2021
Mission TWO-fer 8 July 2021
Mission O-225 July 2021
MIA 26 July 2021
ANOTHER’s VOYAGE ENDS 16 August 2021
A NEW DAY 25 August 2021
MISSION ACES & EIGHTS 9 September 2021
MISSION: Wandering Minds and Crazy Eyes16 September 2021
A Young Boy’s Promise 9 October 2021
Voyage through the Meteorite Field of Flu-funk21 22 October 2021
PACalendar18 November 2021
Audience with the Queen 6 December 2021
Diverted to Cleveland 13 December 2021
A New Dawn 31 December 2021
Walk On27 January 2022
And Then There Was Me 22 February 2022
The Quest Continues 11 March 2022
Docs Galore 7 April 2022
DEPTHS 15 April 2022
Two Steps Forward One Sideways 20 May 2022
A Dose of Reality 5 July 2022
An Update and the Road Traveled 9 August 2022
We are Not Alone21 August 2022
God Formed 6 October 2022
Not Alone 28 November 2022
Final Flight16 December 2022
Prelude to the Ides of March5 March 2023

if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 ESV

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About Me

Hey, me again. Up until March of 2021 I was just cruising along with life. All was good… at least as the way life is! Five great kids and some spouses, 12 awesome grandchildren, a wife who is a superhero in my book for a plethora of reasons and I was retired. A great career behind me, relaxation and enjoying family all ahead of me! I had my toys, a nice camper we use a lot, a used bass boat that floats, a newer than my older Harley, a pond within walking distance of my hammock which was within a stone’s throw of my back deck… ahh and not to forget my 2017 F150 my family got me for my 60th birthday! Sure, I’ve got some medical issues already… vertebrae that try to pass each other or drop off all together but that has been fused and all my other surgeries, a new shoulder, a new knee… you know, updates; they all went well. Mostly though, and I leave it for last to make a point is my faith! I’m a child of God, a Christ-follower! Everything I have doesn’t matter except for Him. My family members are Christ-followers too. I am a man most truly blessed! So, now in March of 2021, I’m required to take a voyage, one I would not choose for myself, nor for anyone else. But, here I am, The Passenger. With all of my faith in the Captain of our vessel, Jesus Christ, we set sail. Here I hope to chronicle what He would have me learn. My crew is my family. My shipmates are any who choose to ride along. You can get off, anytime. The crew, not so much. Me, this is my voyage for I am The Passenger.

Sign on!

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